What our Customers say...


Ketha has gone above and beyond to make this process as smooth as it can be. She has been professional, helpful, and always answers any questions I have had. She has been WONDERFUL!

SERVPRO recently cleaned my parents' home when they were getting it ready to sell. The carpet was well worn with many stains, but my parents did not want to replace the carpet just to sell the condo. SERVPRO came in and did an amazing job making the carpet look almost good as new! My parents were extremely pleased because the cost of cleaning the carpet was considerably less than replacing it. Thank you SERVPRO!

Outstanding service. Thank You all!

Tavell was amazing! Hard worker- personable and knowledgeable. 

The team was great. Tavell is professional, effective, calm, and efficient. She and her team were great to work with.

Highly impressed with the staff, polite and professional the entire time dealing with them. Happy with the overall service. 

I definitely recommend SERVPRO. Thank you for everything!

Everyone performed amicably. Thank You for everything. 

Staff was great! I would trust them to complete any job in the future if needed. Thank You SERVPRO!

Great crew and great work.

Peace of mind from the prompt cleanup of service worth it. 

As far as the prompt services and professionalism we experienced over the phone we were pleased to how things were handled, conversations on questions we had were assuring.

I was very impressed with the politeness and the promptness of everyone I dealt with at SERVPRO. Every question was answered and the crew was very polite and understanding of my needs and distress. Each person I talked to was kind and tried the out my mind at ease while I dealt with e flooding in my basement, and my call were always taken. 

Hal went above and beyond to help ensure that my house got the appropriate attention and got me a great crew when I voiced my concerns to him. I respect and appreciate everything the Piatt/Dewitt Counties crew did to help me and my family. I want SERVPRO to be recognized for their excellent teamwork, work ethic, and knowledge. 

The crew that was sent out was kind, courteous, and genuinely cared about us. They stayed at our house until midnight resolving the issue. Thank You SERVPRO!

Great job, polite, and worked with my schedule.

Aaron and Justin did an outstanding job.

I've heard giving all perfect scores isn't advised but in my opinion in this instance, it's a good thing. 

The cleanup crew was awesome. Damon and his crew were very professional and worked hard. Also, Michael Moore was very helpful in guiding us through the process.  

So thankful for these guys! They came to Springfield to help out and got stuck with us, lol. These guys were friendly, courteous, professional and soooo helpful. IF we ever had another issue like this, SERVPRO is DEF my go to!

My aunt lives down in Weldon on the family-owned farm a little over two hours from me. Over this really cold winter, her pipes burst and her house experienced a ton of flooding. Being so far away I needed someone I could trust to help her with this mess. I called SERVPRO and from the moment someone answered the phone they assured me everything would be ok. They sent a crew out and were able to clean up the disaster the bursting pipes made. I couldn’t believe that they were able to save so many heirlooms that have been in the family for over a century. My aunt felt so comfortable and they were really sweet to her helping ease her anxiety. I can’t recommend this company enough. Thank you for taking such great care of my aunt and restoring her belongings

We have an older remodeled house and had switched to GeoThermal several years ago. Every morning there was a slight coating of dust from the ducts not being cleaned. Talked to Michael with SERVPRO and he discussed solutions for my problem. SERVPRO came out and cleaned my ducts and not only has this drastically cut down on the dust, but this has cut down on the allergy medicine I was taking. The man they sent out to clean the ducts, Dave, was very polite and took care of all our concerns. We would definitely use SERVPRO again!!!

New ownership, experienced staff, and genuine customer service. SERVPRO of Piatt/Dewitt Counties is my first call when experiencing any water or fire damage. I highly recommend them for any of your emergency service needs.

We were very impressed that not a single foul word or off-color remark was heard. Our recommendations for SERVPRO are to continue with the professionalism that we have seen throughout this process. They were polite, carrying, and very knowledgeable about their job and know how to apply their knowledge to their work. 

We had a water leak from the roof at the Moore Museum, a historic house does leak from time to time.  The water reached four of our vintage rugs so we contacted SERVPRO.  Terry came over right away and picked the rugs up to clean at their place of business.  The rugs came back nice and clean and were ready for opening day!  Thank-you SERVPRO!

The apartment under mine had a bad fire.  Because of that my belongings were covered in soot and smelled bad from the smoke.  The team from SERVPRO were my heroes!  They walked me through my apartment and told me what to expect and how their cleaning process works.  My insurance company put me in a hotel while I looked for a new place to live.  SERVPRO took everything out of my old apartment for me.  They were professional and kind.  They set me up with a user name so I could look at their website and see my belongings right after they were cleaned.  I moved into my new apartment two weeks later.  SERVPRO  already had my belongings cleaned before I had a new place to live.  They kindly held on to them and delivered to my new apartment.  When I got home all my belongings were neatly packed and smelled good.  Thank-you SERVPRO!

We were a small elementary school without air conditioning due to being over a hundred years old!  During a period of extreme heat, SERVPRO saw a need to "cool the school."  Technicians brought in industrial fans to the school for students and staff. Thank-you SERVPRO  for going above and beyond!  Thank-you for seeing a need and caring for the staff and students of our community!

I had a kitchen fire which pretty much resulted in an entire home remodel from the studs up.  They were very professional and patient through the entire process.  I say this was key because there were lots of disputes with the insurance company as to what they were going to pay and not pay.  These disputes dragged on and the SERVPRO team was a true advocate for me and made sure at the end I was taken care of and happy with the results!!  Took care of all the contractors and all I had to do was pick colors, cabinets fixtures etc...

The staff from SERVPRO of Clinton were very prompt and efficient with the cleaning up the damage from my garage fire.  They waited patiently as I wanted to sort through and remove items before they started working to clean up the smoke damage and remove the smell from both the contents and the structure.  Kathy in the office was pleasant, went out of her way to help me out and was beyond amicable with my insurance carrier.

We had flooding in our basement numerous times and SERVPRO came out right away and got everything cleaned up nicely.

It was easy to schedule and they were very professional.

Great experience.  They were on time and did exactly what they said they would do.

We had a major accident/flood at our home.  Our custom hardwood floors took major damage as well as the sub floor.  Rich and his crew worked hard to help us.  we were able to save the floors and our home.  The situation was fixed and we couldn't be happier with the service and work.  Rich did all the leg work with the insurance company to get things covered as well.  I would recommend them at any time to anyone for their hard work.

Prompt, detailed attention to our home.  We have fur young children so it was important to us that everything was back the way it was.  technicians were very thorough and got to our home back to safe and dry.

When a student at the Clinton junior High burned something in the microwave and stunk up the building plus a lot of smoke in the classroom, SERVPRO came in with fans and air purifiers.  Thank you so much for the help!

SERVPRO of Clinton did a great job on my bathroom.  I had a toilet overflow and I had water everywhere.  We got the mess cleaned up quick and then set up drying equipment.  The water had already damaged the floor in the bathroom, so we had to strip it.  However, the carpet in the adjoining rooms were saved.  A couple days of drying and we were good to go.  It could have been much worse.  I'm glad they were there for advice and equipment on their truck.

"It's really a blessing to do business with people and companies that stand by their word and still deliver more than you would ever expect! SERVPRO of Clinton was absolutely awesome to deal with, helping us in so many ways! Country Insurance was terrific handling the insurance stuff and making sure the bills were paid without a glitch! My Clinton friends, you're lucky to have them both in the area and just a phone call away!"


"Thank you very much for the awesome job you completed at our house! We really appreciate your dedication going above and beyond. Thank you again the house looked awesome!"